Ohrhörer & Kopfhörer

AK BLON BL-01 BL01 10mm Biologische Faser Membran In Ohr Kopfhörer HIFI DJ Sport Kopfhörer Ohrhörer BL03 BL05 BL05S

€37.63 €18.82

AK BLON BL-01 BL01 10mm Biologische Faser Membran In Ohr Kopfhörer HIFI DJ Sport Kopfhörer Ohrhörer BL03 BL05 BL05S Spezifikation: 1. Produktname: Blon BL-01 2. Marke: BLON 3. Modell: BL-01 4. Kopfhörer Typ: In Ohr 5. Impedanz: 16Ω 6. Kopfhörer Empfindlichkeit: 102db 7. Frequenz Antwort Bereich:20-20000Hz 8. Stecker Typ: 3,5 mm L Biegen 9. Kabel Länge: 1,2 m 10.Farbe: Silber/Gun 11.Ob mit Kabel: ja 12.Kopfhörer-Anschluss: 3,5-mm-Anschluss 13.Ob mit mic: Optional 14.Ob können Ersatz Kabel: ja 15.Treiber Einheit: 10mm Biologische Faser Membran

  • Unterstützung APP: No
  • Unterstützung Speicherkarte: No
  • Control Button: No
  • Vocalism Prinzip: Dynamische
  • Wireless-Typ: NONE
  • Linie Länge: 1.2 mm
  • Marke Name: BLON
  • Stil: Ohr-Haken
  • Ist wireless: No
  • Anschlüsse: 3.5 mm
  • Kommunikation: WLAN
  • Aktive Geräuschunterdrückung: Ja
  • Modell Anzahl: BLON BL-01
  • Wasserdichte: No
  • Mit Mikrofon: No
  • Widerstand: 16ΩΩ
  • Funktion: Sport
  • Empfindlichkeit: 102dBdB
  • Stecker Typ: L Biegen
  • Frequenz Antwort Bereich: 20 - 20000Hz
  • Herkunft: CN(Herkunft)
  • Lautstärkeregler: No

  • Author: Ligeiro Robson
  • Date: 2021-01-13
  • Can't praise enough how they are good for their price. It became one of my favorites for music listening, since it is super smooth and cause no fatigue. I prefer these over BL03 in many ways, it no longer have sharpness that 03 had and very little sibilance on female vocals and percussions, also soundstage improved with having now also hight, but overall soundstage is about the same. Bass is a bit less, but still plenty, no longer have muddy mids, bass bloat. BL01 have superb details for one driver and its price, yet I still prefer detail and instrument separation on KZ ZSX. BL01 might need a proper phone with a Amp or some sort of Amp to reveal full potential so keep that in mind even though by specs it seem to be easy to drive IEM. In the end incredible set for the price, even comparing to more expensive IEM's like other Blon's, UrbanFun YBF-ISS014, KZ ZSX and even more expensive sets.
  • 5/5

  • Author: Adam Tylerlfc
  • Date: 2021-01-05
  • outstanding sound quality love it .. this has changed my listening experience entirely thanks for fast shipping
  • 5/5

  • Author: Futharcruna
  • Date: 2020-12-31
  • The sound is good, I'm all happy There are additional vacuum Packed were good
  • 5/5

  • Author: Veronika Sandovich
  • Date: 2020-12-13
  • Excellent hearing aids, very good price I highly recommend, level above bl03, I liked them very much, although a little heavy and somewhat robust but worth it
  • 5/5

  • Author: Ieutxmgk
  • Date: 2020-12-12
  • As always the AK store gives great service, although packaging seems very simple to me as I expected at least a little more bubble paper for more protection despite that, the hearing aids arrived in perfect condition, they sound great, They're a little heavier than the Blon BL-03. This doesn't make them uncomfortable, the very thin cable cone the Blon BL-03, but it's worth buying in this store that ships very fast, it is pending your shipment and answers all the questions you ask about your products
  • 5/5